Why my partner do that, a common sentence which we hear after breakup, divorce and in some condition when someone caught his or her partner with someone else
in my opinion, this the is valid question but why we ask that question to anyone else, we have to ask that question from ourself because we are the only person
who have real and correct appropriate answer of this question, Instead of playing blame game we have to see deeply our relationship up down, why these up down happened?
Whenever any relationship end, It’s common that blame game start from both of the side and your ex-become the devil person of the world, just think if he or she was the
devil person of the world then why you make relation with him or her.
Just sit on an easy chair, close your eyes and start time machine in your mind, When you look the first time which thing impressed you if this is the case of love at first sight then
I am sure his or her beauty impressed you then beauty is not forever ,now think what his or her expectation towards you and how much you fulfil these expectations, time to time his or her
beauty may be increase or decrease than what about your attitude towards him or her, do you start ignoring,do you taunt him or her on anything,start comparison between your different phase of
your relationships,many time relationships want some change with time to time like many other things. Do you ever think about his or her desires ,many time husband-wife have a good life but they not
have a good sex life and the only reason is lack of frankness result first they start sexting and then after a while they take a big step which spoils their life, always try to understand that what
your partner wants from you, always think that do you fulfill his or her need, Is he or she satisfy with you . Mostly female feel shy and don’t become bold on bed result from their partner trying to approach
someone else, or their partner getting bored in result her partner doesn’t take interest which makes females frustrated and this frustration tends them for any wrong decision or misunderstanding.
Another big issue of our society is time management, our official routine is so hectic, work hard is not the bad thing but think hard is the bad thing, after office timing if your mind in office then
problems become a start in your personal life because, in especially female need attention, they want to talk with you, unfortunately, you always think about your work so this think become killer of your relationship
and at one instance your relationship become the painful story of your past, so always manage your time, your partner doesn’t need your whole day but just some minutes maybe thirty to fifteen minutes or some time she only
wants some words from you which are “How are you Honey?” and she forgets everything. Females are naturally sensitive if you notice that your gf or your wife having cough sudden you ask her “How it happen”,”Do you take medicine”,
“Why you are so careless for you” believe me this sentences enough to make your relationship strong, your girlfriend or your wife only want this from you nothing else and if you ignore her cough then this ignorance work like a trojan
in your girlfriend or wife mind and after some time the season of misunderstanding starting and then you starting to ask a question from other Why my partner do that.

Another big problem of our society is we can’t balancing relationship, let’s take an example a pair in a relationship and they both have their friends in this situation you are puzzled between two type of relations one is a relation of friendship
which is very important and another is love, In that situation, the majority of people lose one of the relationships because they can’t manage both the relationships. Your friends important to you because they are always with you but your wife
or your girlfriend most important for you because she choose to live with you forever then how to tackle this situation,a straight and simple answer prioritized your relations with time, watching a movie with friend is a joy but watching movies
with girlfriend or a wife is a mixture of joy and romance so don’t miss anything among them give one week to your friend enjoy with them and other weeks for your wife or girlfriend like this celebrate a birthday with friend no doubt a joyable
thing but what about wife or girlfriend who plan many thing for that day ,your friends have many option but for your wife or girlfriend only you then easily tackle this situation on lunch enjoy your time with friend but at dinner you have to be
with your wife or girlfriend may be some special gift for you ,you understand what am i want to say,these scenario same for the females always balance your relationship with priorities.
I continue my this series ,if you have any advice kindly write in comment,Sorry in advance for my bad english but ,I hope that you easily understand my shares,If any pair suffer from the situation so contact me ,I request you follow my series and
always away from that question WHY MY PARTNER DO THAT!!!!!!