The Hollywood blockbusters movies for the year 2018 as per my views are.

1.Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Christopher McQuarrie’s direct another awesome movie for the series Mission Impossible, It feel like a sequel of Rogue Nation(2015). Every minute of 147 minutes movie has it is a shot in the arm of pure adrenaline. Tom Cruice’s stunts are awesome, Since 1996 to 2018 this franchise entertains movie lover.

2.The Rider

The Rider is a docudrama base on the real-life story of a rodeo rider named Brady  Jandreau. Brady was thrown from the horse he was riding and kicked in the head by its hoof. He had a metal plate inserted into his head and was told that he would never ride again, filmmaker Chloe Zhao. He presents the real feelings in this movie by casting the real person in this movie, these nonactors persons p


A science fiction with Portman’s high tension acting attracts viewers toward this movie. Many questions in a movie without the answers. The movie based on a novel of the same name by Jeff Vandermeer, a writer specialized in a sci-fi/fantasy sub-genre known as “Weird Fiction”.A story of the hopeless biologist wife(Natalie Portman) who wants to know what happened with her husband(Oscar Issac) on his last mission.

4. You Were Never Really Here

A masterpiece from Lynne Ramsey adapted from a novella by Jonathan Ames after We Need to Talk about Kevin. Thrill movie with full of emotions.The awesome cinematography on the muddy plot. Joaquin Phoenix natural acting makes the movie more attractive. It never, not even for a second, feels like he’s acting.

5.Black Panther

Combination of the mastermind Kevin Feige with the talented writer/director Ryan Coogler has a result this refreshing movie, perfect visuals with perfect casting. The soundtrack is awesome. Some weakness also in the movie it misses the complex barracks of the modern world, Computer-generated imagery does not impress the viewers also action scene not impress the viewers like other superhero movie overall the movie is good and attract a lot .