It’s a reality of life that anyone has the problems may be in personal life or in a professional life or sometimes when you get rid of one problem other problem waiting for you, at some point everyone can give up.

This is the point where our life direction change, our aim change even our lifestyle change, let take the example of professional sexual harassment, which is one of the demons of our society especially with females, a boss start to sexually harras his employee but he never start directly or openly, he makes the full plot for this creating specific situation where the targeted person give up, unfortunately, most people successful to take advantage of this give up situation. How to stop them? Is this any rocket science required to stop them? The answer is no.

Always remember the famous quote of the famous movie Shawshank Redemption’s leading character Andy Dufresne to his friend, he said that hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. Our hope depends on our nature everyone who trying to harass you first focus your weak points If jealousy in your nature then you are the easy target for anyone.

Just imagine a situation, you jealous with your any office mate everyone in the office knows about it due to your attitude towards her  so you open your weakness to everyone now it’s too much easy for anyone to capture you ,he starts ignoring you and give her extraordinary support mainly on work appreciate her work in the form of promotion or handsome increment may give her extra attention in company get together.

This is a simple situation and you easily overcome this but your nature is the biggest hurdle because after all that things your jealousy turn into obsession and obsession control your thinking, you have only one thing in your mind that you have to beat her on any cost, your obsession limit you thinking you never think about the other fact even you can’t notice.

Whenever he gives extraordinary support to the person, you jealous his eyes always focus on your face reaction, do you notice ever that thing, I am 95% sure your reply is no because you focus on her, not on him and this thing makes you easy task, now he starts playing game with you, he repeats these things till you give up and at the end you lost just because of jealousy.

One question always raise in mind, that a single person who also a part of an organization has the power to force his favoritism on upper management, the answer is no a big no, your work gives him the power to enforce his favoritism o upper management.

You are not playing to win, you playing to defeat the person you jealous, you work is much identical to her lack of creativity automatically comes in your work, if both samples are same then easily your boss enforce his favoritism on upper management decision.

If you trying something different and your work differ from her , you use your creativity then automatically upper management have two totally different option and they focus the key factors of both if your work better than her then easily you survive from this situation but your jealousy stop you from doing this, always play to win not play to defeat other.