In my surrounding, I have seen many couples who have a smile on their faces  but is this smile is real or artificial, whenever I meet with any couple my first try is to look inside their relation, when, I start talking with them about likes dislikes or any other thing easily judge that is this a relationship or a compromise . A good relationship is that they talk about another choice and if any conflict in their choices they try to cover it but in compromise, they try to make the competition of their choices and always argue with each other.

In a real relationship, we respect like dislikes of each other so never ever fight on that issues because if, I fight with my partner for any third person that this is the big question mark  on our relationship because this third person not important for me than my partner  why I fight with him or her for any third person, this thing makes relationship weak and we don’t know when our relationship change to just compromise, compromise for anything that we live together but don’t breath together.

Mainly notice that peoples try to find a partner with the same mentality and they think that this makes a better relationship and if we talk about guys so majority guys, not all always try to make the relationship with a beautiful girl so as my view this is just a lust and on the base of lust no relationship is longlasting or we say that this is a compromise which bases on lust and the reason behind the smile is lust when the lust end relationship end ,or if a girl find a guy with good job or wealth or many girls try to make relation with university toppers so their the reason behind smile is that guy is successful but at any point of life he will never succeed so what will happen then ,these are some compromises which we have seen in our surrounding and many more other which, I can not discuss here .

On the other hand, if anyone makes relation with any male or any female after observing his or her habits and mainly notice his or her attitude in anger because when anyone is angry show real attitude, not an artificial and you easily judge the tolerance level of that person because tolerance is the key of the relationship ,a good relationship bound two person that they live together for each other, not for any other reason, so try to make relationship not compromise

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